Image0243Anxiolysis / Nitrous Oxide is an inhaled odorless gas which is used for patient’s who have mild to moderate anxiety. It is administered through a nasal hood in combination with oxygen, and it may be adjusted until the doctor reaches a desirable level of behavior. Once an acceptable level has been reached, the child will experience a sensation of lightness, increased warmth throughout their body, some tingling of the toes or fingers, and an overall sense of relaxation. This allows the doctor to then begin the procedure in an easier fashion for the child. Another advantage of the nasal hood is that it minimizes the child’s visual field so that they are not able to see some of the tools that we use which can make them very apprehensive. Complications or side effects associated with nitrous oxide are minimal to none, and once the procedure is completed, the normal effects of using nitrous oxide can be completely reversed simply by having the child smell 100% oxygen for 3 to 5 minutes. Through the combination of nitrous oxide, distraction techniques, and behavior management, most dental procedures can be completed in a timely fashion with very acceptable behavior.