Image0168We generally recommend taking X-rays when children are around the age of two or three. Your child’s unique situation will determine the appropriate time. The first set of X-rays consists of simple pictures of the upper and lower front teeth. This set will familiarize your child with the process. Once the baby teeth in the back are touching one another, then we recommend regular X-rays. Permanent teeth start coming in around the age of six, and X-rays help us make sure your child’s teeth and jaws are healthy and properly aligned. If your child has a high risk of developing dental problems, we may suggest X-rays at an earlier age.

Remember that each child’s situation is unique. It’s important for children to practice good habits and maintain a positive attitude about brushing, flossing, and the dental office. Our staff is specially trained to provide not only the best care but also the best overall experience for you and your child.

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